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US Economy

Great Expectations

The divergence between the Bloomberg US Economic Surprise Index and the S&P 500 suggests that the risk of a short-term market correction continues to grow. Savvy investors have started to put together their shopping lists to prepare themselves for this buying opportunity.



  • Income Investing

    MLP Opportunities

    By Elliott H. Gue | May. 18, 2015
    Master limited partnerships still offer above-average yields, but investors looking for safety and superior total returns in an uncertain business environment should focus on blue chips and names with supportive general partners that can drive distribution growth by dropping down assets.
  • Energy Stocks

    The Macro Outlook for MLPs

    By Roger S. Conrad | May. 18, 2015
    Although many master limited partnerships generate fee-based income from firm contracts, this universe of more than 120 stocks still faces its fair share of challenges.
  • Portfolio Update

    How the Other Half Reported

    By Roger S. Conrad | May. 18, 2015
    In the May 1 issue of Capitalist Times Premium, we analyzed quarterly results for about half the names in our Lifelong Income Portfolio. Here’s our take on how the rest of our picks fared in the first quarter.
  • Portfolio Update

    Halfway There

    By Roger S. Conrad | May. 1, 2015
    First-quarter earnings season is in full swing. Here’s how our Lifelong Income Portfolio holdings have fared thus far.
  • Investment Strategy

    Looking for a Pullback

    By Elliott H. Gue | Apr. 30, 2015
    Technical factors and weakness in the US economy suggest that the risk of a 5 percent to 10 percent pullback in the S&P 500 continues to rise. As a precaution, we’ve exited a number of positions in recent months, usually for a profit. We highlight several stocks we’re watching for potential inclusion in our Wealth Builders Portfolio.



    A balanced portfolio of Elliott Gue’s top stocks for capital appreciation.


    Roger Conrad’s top stocks for investors seeking reliable income.


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