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Global Top Cat

Greece: The View from the Bog

Greece’s economic and political travails have garnered an outsized amount of media coverage for a country whose gross domestic product (GDP) accounts for about 1.4 percent of the US$18 trillion EU economy. We’re in a bull market for armchair analysis of Greece’s fiscal and economic woes and the government’s efforts to negotiate with its fellow EU members. Here is the situation on the ground.


  • Utilities

    TECO Energy Puts Itself Up for Sale: More Deals Coming?

    By Roger S. Conrad | Jul. 27, 2015
    Reports circulated earlier this month that Florida-based TECO Energy had put itself up for sale, prompting the utility to confirm that the firm had engaged Morgan Stanley to “explore strategic alternatives.” This news triggered a record single-day gain in TECO Energy’s shares and provides yet another sign of accelerating mergers and acquisitions activity.
  • Utilities

    Dishing the Dirt on the Utility Sector's Spin Cycle

    By Roger S. Conrad | Jul. 14, 2015
    Utilities have announced a number of spin-offs over the past 12 months. Some are worth your while; some are not.
  • Income Investing

    Thoughts on the MLP Selloff

    By Roger S. Conrad | Jul. 6, 2015
    Recent downside in the Alerian MLP Index reflects a number of factors, including the group's outperformance relative to other energy stocks last year, the market’s growing concern about rising interest rates and worries that the slowdown in drilling activity will limit future growth opportunities.
  • Beijing Diaries

    Beijing Diaries, No. 2

    By Nate Conrad | Jul. 6, 2015
    My latest missive from Beijing discusses the differences between dorm life in the US and China, as well as the architecture and traffic rules.
  • Commodities

    Oil Prices, Inventories and the US Dollar

    By Elliott H. Gue | Jul. 4, 2015
    Fluctuations in the US dollar's value relative to major international currencies can influence crude-oil prices. But many more important factors are also at play. Right now, elevated oil inventories, resilient US production and the prospect of refinery turnarounds set the stage for seasonal downside in the price of West Texas Intermediate.




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