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Washington Watch

Utility Stocks and Politics

The upcoming election season is heating up, but overheated valuations are a bigger concern for investors in utility stocks. With a highly contentious presidential race likely to stoke strong emotions, investors should keep a level head and focus on what can actually change with election results. Above all, remember to bet on probabilities, not your personal politics.



  • Health Care Stocks

    Cleaning Up

    By Peter Staas | Jun. 26, 2016
    This leading provider of sterilization equipment and services boasts a defensive business that generates significant recurring revenue and offers exposure to steadily growing demand from hospitals, surgical centers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical-device companies. A recent acquisition promises to fuel top-line growth in the near term and over the long haul.  
  • Energy Stocks

    Top Producers

    By Elliott H. Gue | Jun. 24, 2016
    We remain bullish on exploration and production companies with franchise assets, low production costs, strong balance sheets and high-quality management teams; these names stand to take market share in an environment where energy prices struggle to break out of their trading range. But investors need to buy at the right price.  
  • Investment Strategy

    Welcome to the Funhouse

    By Elliott H. Gue | Jun. 24, 2016
    An extended period of extraordinarily accommodative monetary policy has distorted asset prices, resulting in some curious (and concerning) dislocations. The S&P 500 trades at historically elevated valuations usually seen during periods of robust economic growth, while some of Europe’s strongest sovereign credits sport negative yields.  
  • Income Investing

    Legacy Stocks

    By Roger S. Conrad | Jun. 23, 2016
    Father’s Day is a great time for dads to reflect on the investments they’d like to leave for their children.
  • Income Investing

    The View from the Utility Sector

    By Roger S. Conrad | Jun. 7, 2016
    Utility stocks trade at frothy valuations and look ripe for a pullback.



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