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Income Investing

Two to Buy

The recent pullback in dividend-paying stocks means that two of our favorites at attractive valuations. Both could experience more downside in the near term because of concerns about rising interest rates, but remain solid holdings for the long haul.



  • Tech Stocks

    Cybersecurity: Two for the Money

    By Jason R. Koepke | Jun. 30, 2015
    With corporations motivated to avoid the negative publicity, business disruptions and lost customers associated with data breaches, now is the time to add exposure to the coming cybersecurity boom.  
  • Income Investing

    Dialing for Dollars

    By Roger S. Conrad | Jun. 29, 2015
    Telecom’s biggest players continue to pull away from the competition, making these high-yielding stocks the only names in the sector worth owning. Meanwhile, yield moths eyeing closed-end bond funds need to understand the risks and be selective to avoid getting burned.
  • Investment Strategy

    What Lies Beneath

    By Elliott H. Gue | Jun. 15, 2015
    The S&P 500’s flat performance this year belies a number of major market and economic trends that investors can ride to profits. These key themes will inform our investment strategy as we continue to assemble our shopping list for a potential pullback in the stock market.
  • Portfolio Update

    The Wealth Builders Watch List

    By Elliott H. Gue | Jun. 15, 2015
    We continue to add stocks to our watch list in anticipation of a pullback in the broader market. Here are three more names that we have our eyes on for potential inclusion in the Wealth Builders Portfolio.
  • Portfolio Update

    Don’t Sweat the Latest Temper Tantrum

    By Roger S. Conrad | Jun. 12, 2015
    After flying high in 2014, dividend-paying equities have encountered a familiar source of turbulence: fears that rising interest rates will cause them to crash. Here’s why you should stay the course.



    A balanced portfolio of Elliott Gue’s top stocks for capital appreciation.


    Roger Conrad’s top stocks for investors seeking reliable income.


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